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The Old Bull and the Young Bull

There is a young fellow in our satellite office that I go to once a week. He just got his full motorcycle licence this fall, and is as passionate (read: obsessed) with motorcycling as I am. So we discussed going on a field trip, as our location is around the corner from a prominent local multi-line motorcycle dealer. They carry interesting lines, like Triumph and Aprillia, and newer lines like Royal Enfield. It’s a neat store.

We set a date, and in true corporate fashion I sent a calendar invitation. We went. We gawked. We twisted a few throttles with salespeople essentially ignoring the Wednesday lunchtime tire-kickers. Then, we went and got a burger, which I was happy to pay for. It was a pretty wonderful trip, and made me feel like the Old Bull imparting wisdom on the Young Bull. Or maybe that’s just a load of bullshit, but it was a great time.

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