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Riding in 2022

This site might almost be better if it were called “Motorcycling Goals”, but that might just be the lingering hangover of the turn of the year. However, I am planning – planning to do more local riding, planning to get back to doing trips, and planning for one of those once-in-a-lifetime “big rides”.

That one is a trip to Alaska sometime in the next few years. That wasn’t a trip that I had on my radar necessarily, but it is a trip that one of my riding mentors has always wanted to take; he brought it up the day I called him and told him I successfully passed my licence road test 5 years ago. I’ve started to do some route planning, but it’s very difficult to throw a dart for something such a long way off. It would be best for me to do that trip in 2023, as that works out really well for me on many levels, and we might just have an idea how we will live with COVID-19 and their variants.

Normally, given that I live in the temperate rainforest that is Canada’s Pacific Southwest, I’m a year round rider. 2021 ended with some amazingly wet weather, followed by the rarity of more than a skiff of snow, and then exceedingly cold temperatures of -20C. Our weather rarely gets below freezing, so it’s been an odd year.

If I had goals for this year, they would be:

  • Ride more with my wife.
  • Attend the Touratrech Rally in Plain, WA.
  • Ride more off-road, with some friends.
  • Take at least 3 motocamping trips:
    • Two anywhere that I can get a space.
    • One longer one for a week, as I have done in years past – likely to Vancouver Island.

The longer ride is one that I definitely need to get in. My last one was in 2019, down to Mt. St. Helen’s in southern Washinton, and that was amazing. I will be posting a bit of a ride report, with photos, over the next little while. I’ve actually got a few things to write about already.

However, tonight is not the night. The rain has once again started, the pizza has arrived, and there is beer and whiskey to consume. More will come another time.

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